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The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")

Bike Fit


FREE w/new bike purchase

Saddle height adjustment

Saddle fore/aft adjustment

Stem/Handlebar height adjustment

Observe test ride to ensure rider is comfortable in new riding position

* This is NOT a fitting.  A sizing ensures that the saddle, stem and handlebar adjustments are catered to your level of comfort while riding the bike.*



Fit takes approximately 2 hours and is 1/2 price with a new bike purchase.

Interview regarding history and goals

Initial assessment based on current fit

Maximize foot/pedal interface

Basic flexibility assessment

Saddle  height adjustment

Saddle fore/aft adjustment

Stem/Handlebar adjustment

Proper saddle selection



Fit takes approximately 2.5 - 3 hr.

Fit includes all services performed in standard fit plus the following:

Fitting centers around riders goals.

 A tri position is essentially being in a fixed aerodynamic position and exerting the same level of threshold effort throughout an entire event.  This requires a unique flexibility while maximizing power and conserving energy for the run. 

Optimizing the cockpit configuration to maximize handling and control.

Bike-Fit Service

Buying a bike is only half the equation.  The finest bike will not take you to your maximum riding potential if it is not properly fit.  Our bike-fitting service is uniquely tied to Becky's rare perspective, founded in a 22-year career as a top-ranked pro cyclist. For more information about Becky's fit philosophy, see "Our Team" page.

Bike-Fit Pricing

Free bike sizing OR 1/2 price on a standard fit of any new bike purchased at The Velo Shop
$275 for all other lovers of cycling

$325 for all triathlon and time trial fittings


For the last 20 years or so of riding I had to deal with knee pain during and after a ride. Long rides would mean an ice pack on my knee for the rest of that day. I figured it was a sign of age and wear and tear from years of riding.

Two weeks ago I bought a new bike at The Velo Shop and Becky spent time fitting it to me. Most of the settings were the same as my old bike, but Becky spent a lot of time with foot position and angle. She saw I was rotating my left knee outward, and this was likely the source of the pain I'd encounter.

Last week I had my first group ride since being fitted. I had taken a year off from biking, so I knew I wasn't in shape and that the gang I was riding with would give me a good workout. The ride was 36 miles in 35 degree weather with just shy of 3000 feet ascent on 3 - 5% grades.

No surprise; I was absolutely exhausted by the finish. What did surprise me was the realization a few hours later that not only didn't my knee bother me during the ride, it didn't hurt afterwards. I didn't dread the thought of going up or down stairs. This was such a turning point for me that I had to write and let you know. And let me tell you, with results like this, the fitting was worth so much more than its price. It definitely was well worth the time and expense. In my case, the fitting was included with the purchase of my bike, but I would have gladly paid for it even if it wasn't, it delivered so much value.

Customer, Glen Ferguson
Frederick, Maryland

Becky at The Velo Shop along with her staff went above and beyond in fitting our son for his perfect bike including changing the pedals for some that were more 12 year old friendly. I highly recommend this shop and will never purchase from any other bike store in the valley.

Customer, Heather Blews
Macungie, PA

After that went in for professional fitting using the latest tech to set bike up for me including cleat placement riding angles and handle bar adjustments. All the while explaining why they mattered. Have to say best service I have ever received in purchasing a bike. Thanks again Eric and Becky! You have put in a bike shop that will put all the others to shame.

Customer, Frank Becker
Alburtis, PA

Becky's expertise in bike fitting and her thorough explanation with each step of the process was a great learning experience for my wife. Very impressive attention to detail.

Customer, Robert Breisch
 Myerstown, PA