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The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")

Bike Brands

The Velo Shop team has given great thought to the bicycles, components and accessories we carry.  We have ridden them all.  Our choice of bicycle brands reflects the team's uncompromising commitment to provide the very best to every level of rider, from professional to recreational enthusiast. The truth is that there is no one perfect design philosophy when it comes to bicycles. To the contrary, the world of high-end cycling is populated with different design and engineering philosophies.  Rather than offer one or two brands, we at The Velo Shop have hand-picked a wide variety of brands that we believe represent the full panoply of brilliance offered by the best minds in cycling design and innovation.  While there is no perfect bike for all, there is a perfect bike for you and we are determined to match you to that bike.


Bike Brands of The Velo Shop


In 2011, collaborating with experts in the field, BMC developed ACE, or Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology. Replacing traditional prototyping processes, the iterative, computer-modeling program produced more than 34,000 possible frame configurations in just one year.   With ACE technology, the characteristics of each iteration of frame design are realized and refined until the optimal combination of all parameters is found.  How good is BMC's ACE technology?  Just ask BMC pro Mountain Biker, Julien Absalon, who has won Olympic Gold and five World Championships, winning his last Worlds atop the BMC Fourstroke.


As an industry leader in high performance road and triathlon bicycles, Cervélo takes an engineering-driven approach to bicycle performance: define and measure, build, then test and refine. This may be one reason why Cervélo consistently comes out at the top of comparison tests and wins awards from the most respected industry publications.


In engineering, product development, sales, marketing and customer service, the core to Felt's success is a company-wide mandate to continually improve on past success.  Each new Felt bike, be it road or off-road, high-end performance to entry-level recreation, utilizes critical lessons from past designs and then incorporates new enhancements. The results speak for themselves. The world’s fastest UCI legal time trial bike, the Felt IA, continues to dominate the international time trial and triathlon circuit. The Edict full-suspension mountain bike is a stalwart on the world’s elite cross-country scene. The top-tier F road bikes are mainstays of the European peloton. And, the TK1 has been raced on the track at two Olympic Games, Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.


Perhaps the most celebrated of the great Italian brands, Pinarello's philosophy is one of continual innovation. Every day, Pinarello tests new solutions to evolve and improve their bicycles, experimenting with new materials and new ideas to push the limits of bicycle science.  Little wonder Pinarello has won 12 Tours de France, including four of the last five races.