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The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")

The Velo Shop History

Born of a collaborative effort between The Velodrome, which we know affectionately as "T-Town", and The Velo Shop owner, Becky Quinn, The Velo Shop has become the preeminent bike shop in Eastern Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area.  Customers have traveled far and wide to revel in our unrivaled collection of exceptional brands.  Choice has all but disappeared from the bicycle retail landscape.  With eleven lines from the most iconic brands in the industry, we have re-energized the bike-shopping experience.

The Velo Shop is owned and operated by local racing legend, Becky Quinn.  Through her international racing pedigree, Becky was introduced to a rarified retail cycling and service culture that she has replicated in conjunction with her hometown track, The Lehigh Valley Velodrome.  Becky has re-energized the cycling scene with a deep lineup from the industry's most storied brands.  Paying homage to cycling's celebrated history, The Velo Shop's museum-like atmosphere enables customers to revisit the moment they first fell in love with the bike.  Little wonder customers drive hours to embrace The Velo Shop community.

"THIS is MY shop.  I've raced my bike all over the world and I can say that The Velo Shop is a world-class shop that takes a back seat to no one.  Becky has put together one impressive operation."

-- Marty Nothstein, Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time World Champion