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The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")

The Velo Shop Vision

It is our ultimate mission to assist those who have fallen in love with the bike; to support them as they move forward in a beautiful adventure. This starts with our deep support of the various community programs of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, where Becky serves as a coach, mentor and inspirational force. But that is only the beginning.

No matter where your cycling takes you, be it breathtaking mountain views on your favorite trail, to completing your first century, to competing in your first race or triathlon, or to simply unwinding with your family on a gravel towpath, we will be with you every pedal stroke.  The Velo Shop caters to a wide variety of cyclists, as our customers drive from near and far to partake in the special experience that is The Velo Shop. What are you waiting for!