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The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")

The Velo Shop Team


The tone of any business starts with the top.  In our case, that means Becky Quinn.  To her adoring fans, she's known as "Quinny."  To the legion of young racers under her tutelage, she's known as "Coach Becky."  To all, she's known as a renowned rider of the greatest integrity and the deepest humility.  Becky has raced her bike all over the world, medaling five times in World Cup competitions, finishing fourth in the World Championships twice, and holding the position as the top-ranked points racer in the world in 2007.  She knows bikes, she knows fit, and she knows racing.  Quite simply, Becky is the leader of our Tribe and we couldn't be prouder.


The Velo Shop intends to offer a unique retail experience for all lovers of the bike.  Consistent with that theme, we have teamed up with Don Levermore who brings over 45 years of experience in the cycling industry, servicing every type of bike--from bikes for tots to the rarified rides of professional racers.  An alumnus of the prestigious Campagnolo Tech School, Don has been long recognized as one of the preeminent mechanics and wheel builders in the Lehigh Valley.  Like all members of our Tribe, Don lives and breathes cycling, having served as volunteer at the velodrome for over 6 years.  We count ourselves lucky that Don is a member of our Tribe, where he will be our Lead Technician and on-site Manager.

The rest of our tribe is dedicated to delivering on Becky's commitment to excellence.  The Velo Shop is staffed with elite cyclists who understand their equipment and who can provide uncommon guidance to riders of all ages and all levels.  And every employee will treat you with the respect demanded by The Velo Shop Promise.


"I remember when I fell in love with cycling and went into a bike shop to buy my first serious bike. I immediately felt uncomfortable, as though I didn't belong there unless I was a top-flight pro.  That will NEVER happen at The Velo Shop, where everyone, at all levels, will be treated as though they just won a gold medal.  We all share a love of the bike and that's all that matters."

--Becky Quinn