Location   6465 Village Ln. Macungie, PA 18062    610-966-3646    Mon, Wed-Fri: 10-7   |   Tues: 10-6   |   Sat: 10-5   |   Sun: 12-3

The Official Bike Shop of The Lehigh Valley Velodrome ("T-Town")



Having purchased two custom-built bikes and countless parts and accessories from The Velo Shop, I can attest to the fact that this shop far and away outperforms all others in the area.  Becky, Eric, and Allen run perhaps the most knowledgable, most diversified, and most open-minded bike shops in eastern Pennsylvania.  A true racer's shop, The Velo Shop provides an incredible number of brand and fit options, advanced wrenching knowledge, and epic customer service... there is literally no reason to go anywhere else. Road, Track, Tri, Time Trial, 'Cross, Mountain... they do it all!  

Despite being over an hour away from my primary location in the Philadelphia region, I still make the drive to The Velo Shop even for routine maintenance and refits, simply due to the dramatic difference from the standard local bike shop.  

If you want to ride your bike fast... train hard!  If you want to ride a fast bike... go to The Velo Shop!"

                                                                                     --Eric Hanson, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, US Olympic Sailing Team (ret.)

Some friends and I made our annual drive from Boston to Trexlertown last October to do some riding in the hills of Eastern PA, and after a brief spill my bike was in need of repair. That is how I found The Velo Shop.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in a special place. As my bike was immediately repaired,  my eyes feasted on the Felt, Pinarello, BMC and Focus machines and I came across a Colnago that I found interesting. I asked Becky if they had any other Italian bikes in the shop, she told me there was one more: One of Eric’s personal bikes was a Colnago V1-R.

For the next hour or so, Eric showed me his exquisite machine (V1-R Ferrari edition, full Dura Ace and Mavic Cosmic Pro wheelset) and we talked about bikes and lots of other topics. I am not a pro, far from it, but they treated me with respect, answered my questions and made me feel as if I was the most important rider they had seen in a while. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I stayed in touch with Eric and Becky and ultimately wound up making a long distance purchase of the Colnago.

I went back to Macungie in mid-December to pick up the bike and get fit for the bike. Once again, it was like being with old friends and the fit Becky provided was perfect.

My experience at The Velo Shop was extremely positive and I am convinced that I am not alone in feeling that way. I know that I will make the journey to T-Town at least once a year to see Becky, Eric and the gang and encourage anyone who is headed in that direction to stop in and say hi. Who knows, you may walk out with a new bike.

                                                                                     --Darryl Abbey, Holliston, Massachusetts

Whether you want an Italian thoroughbred or a German scalpel, The Velo Shop has you covered.  But, the real differentiator of The Velo Shop is that you get the most out of your bike thanks to a professional fit from Becky Quinn.  You can't fake experience, and I learned more about proper fit and technique in 3 hours with her than I had in the past 30 years.

                                                                                   --Dan Gold, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The Velo Shop is a special bike shop. Its not your average LBS that has a few models and brands of bikes and tells you which one is best for you. Becky and Eric ask YOU what YOU want out of a bike and narrow down the specific brands/models from there, and trust me there are plenty of bikes to choose from. For me it didn't matter how long the drive was, as long as I felt comfortable and respected, and I got that at The Velo Shop.

                                                                                     --Pat Alfiero, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Velo Shop service stands out when compared to any bike shop I've visited.  Besides special ordering the mountain bike I truly wanted, Becky shocked me with the great care she gave to my setup.  I have a bike that not only satisfies my craving for the unusual, but actually fits perfect.  

                                                                                     --Chris Ratchford, Delmar, Maryland